Trust a Lightening Word

"I trust you completely." said John, a client on a call. It feels good to hear those words. Two minutes later another client on the call said, "I just am not sure how this works for me." I thought "Not Sure" how could one person trust you completely and another be not sure? I realize I have used different words when working with each of the clients. I know for me "Trust" is a lightening word. It sends a warm feeling into my spine and runs to be grounded in my feet. There are alot of words that are lightening words for me. Here are a few that I respond to and see our clients respond to:

  • Trust
  • Curious
  • Ask
  • Proven
  • Verify
  • Tested
  • Might

Today, listen to yourself talk. See how the words you say light up the people you are talking to.

"The difference between the right word and wrong word is like the difference between lightening and a lightening bug." Mark Twain