October 2017

Now More Than Ever

"Now more than ever we need to work with you." said Bill, a Senior Level Leader. It felt like I had heard that before. And, I had. In Own Your Value, I wrote, "We are walking in a forest of unpredictability. So many things are changing.Whether you agree with what is happening or not, it is happening." It rings so clear that organizations are searching for innovators to emerge to take risks. To take a risk it requires you have some quiet time to feel your vision. See what you want to create in the future and what is emerging. Now more than ever, we need thoughtful, centered leaders with a clear vision.


One way to improve your balance is to practice in a safe place. Stand on your right foot, lift your left foot off the ground, and count to 5 for a set of 10 times. Then, switch sides and stand on your left foot. Repeat three times. Now do it with your eyes closed for just 10 seconds.

When I read this new balance practice, I realize how easy is sounds, I know it is challenging for me. When you practice improving your balance, it gets better. If it doesn't, talk with your doctor right away. 

Balance is so important in life and in developing your career. Each day I practice improving my balance. Every week, I take an inventory of the balance in my life. Michael Gott developed this very powerful simple, self inventory to take each week and experience no negative self judgement while doing it. Unlike the balance exercise standing on one foot, you have to be self reflective and get real with yourself. It has helped me tremendously. If you want to learn more about where you are in balance in your life, consider taking a moment to practice doing something for the first time.

Time Off

What you would do with 30 days of time off? I explored lots of comedy, movies, new art projects and a new vision for our innovation consulting business and #OwnYourValue. I feel at ease, happy and fresh.

Life stopped for a while for me and I started listening to myself and some wise people that said, "See how you can take some time off work." I did and am feeling good. I did something for the first time. 

When you are at a place that you have never been and realize a break might just help you hit the reset button, do it. I called our clients and let them know. They shocked me. They said, "We are here for you. Take all the time you need and come back to us."

So I did. I hope you are at a place today that you can take some time off. It might just be that button to push to feel good. Just try a few days on for size and do something for the first time. Give yourself some time off.