Priority or Option?

"All I want is for us to have a clear priority at the end of this Board Retreat." said Margaret, CEO. It is refreshing to hear that this client focuses on a priority. One! Not priorities. So many of our client executives want options. More options. And then, the question is where do you start? We spend hours of time vetting options and then deciding on one priority. How freeing it is to focus on one priority as an outcome.

How did I know about this idea of one priority? 

Well, a learning opportunity, of course. In a leadership development day with SHRM, when I was speaking, Rob, a speaker, said, "There are not priorities. We only have a priority. One. What is the one thing you believe is first?" This has stuck with me for years. It haunts my mind talk when I have so many things to do. What is the one? What is the priority? 

Who makes you and your vision a priority?

"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option."  Maya Angelou