Time Off

What you would do with 30 days of time off? I explored lots of comedy, movies, new art projects and a new vision for our innovation consulting business and #OwnYourValue. I feel at ease, happy and fresh.

Life stopped for a while for me and I started listening to myself and some wise people that said, "See how you can take some time off work." I did and am feeling good. I did something for the first time. 

When you are at a place that you have never been and realize a break might just help you hit the reset button, do it. I called our clients and let them know. They shocked me. They said, "We are here for you. Take all the time you need and come back to us."

So I did. I hope you are at a place today that you can take some time off. It might just be that button to push to feel good. Just try a few days on for size and do something for the first time. Give yourself some time off.