#HurricaneHarvey Volunteer from Where You Are Now

Houston is a place you can open your heart and do something now. You can volunteer where you are with tiny efforts or big efforts. On Monday in Houston, I stayed on the phone, texting and connecting with friends and clients to help Pastor Rudy of St. John's Downtown. Sunday night, Pastor Rudy let me know that people rescued and sheltering at George R. Brown Convention Center needed 20 wheelchairs. After five hours of effort and communications, Pastor Rudy let us know that an innovator @JPGiles of #Cisco connected him with months ago came through with a source for the 20 wheelchairs and Beyonce offered to pay for them. What an experience. I felt relieved. On social media, @Peggy Swords, CEO of #Excalibur Exhibits, a client and friend offered a wheelchair and walker. Wow. How did she know? It is amazing to be a part of a tiny effort of doing something good. Thank you, Pastor Rudy for the tiny things and big things you do. As you say, "We love you and there is nothing you can do about it."

Here is more from Beyonce, a real life Wonder Woman. Thank you for your leadership! 

"My heart goes out to my hometown, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help," Beyonce said.

"I am working closely with my team at BeyGOOD as well as my pastor (Rudy Rasmus at St. John's in downtown Houston) to implement a plan to help as many as we can."