Book launch

Pure Value

How do you know if what you are doing adds pure value? You feel it. You see it. It can be measured. Dr. Mauro Ferrari, President, Houston Methodist Research Institute delivers pure value to science, medicine, patients, and our community. When you are in his presence, you feel it. You see the results of what he publishes in Science and thousands of other peer review journals. When I think about pure value, I think about Dr. Ferrari.

In Own Your Value, you feel the ups and downs of the journey. When the road seems too long and the trip is too hard, it is time as Bob Seger sings to Turn the Page. There are days you know to keep going and days you know to start over.  Pure Value is when you feel on it down in your bones. Go for that feeling today. What is one way you can experience Pure Value today? I did with making plans for a new project with a brilliant client. I hope you get that experience today. For more, join us on 9/20 to launch Own Your Value.