Organic Connections

Is "organic" a label you look for when shopping? Most people prefer the idea of natural. Things that are not human engineered and forced to grow have more appeal. Our clients thrive when they see things naturally moving forward. Have you felt forced into a connection you did not want? How many times have you made one connection and easily a simple introduction of one person to another opens doors for you that you could not imagine. In the new book, #OwnYourValue, you will meet Hafizah Coston and you will see how one organic connection open three new doors that could have never been forced open. Hafizah has a natural way of seeing what is real about a situation. She has a curiosity that sparks organic connections for many others and most of the time the organic connections benefit her and her customers, especially #UTMB and #UTHealth.

What about being open to your curiosity? What is one way you can spark an organic connection today? How can you be open to helping others? Hurricane #Harvey might give us some new ways to show an organic connection.