Uber and Lyft

"If you take Uber or Lyft, it will save you money and time." said Maureen Sanders, our Chief Operating Officer. Maureen explained a futurist in her breakfast club discussed how more than 57% of car owners would not have a car in 30 years. So, I decided to run an experiment. What if I took both over the next 21 days and looked to see how much time it saved me? Over the past five days, I took Uber and Lyft for different meetings and situations, I have saved over three hours of time and $20 in parking. Which one is the best? Hmmmm. I am still considering the experience and what we are measuring.

When looking at our case studies in( https://jackielyles.com/casestudies ), I am struck by the fact that we usually start a study with one clear measure. So for me in the Uber and Lyft conversation, it is time. It is the one thing we cannot make more of...

"No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered." Winston Churchill