Expert in Your Customers' Operations

"We start as an idea with a customer and then we develop the relationship to a partnership." said Todd Bruni, Healthcare Practice Expert, Regional Director, Cisco. 

As Todd speaks, his confidence in what he is relaying to the executives in the WebEx rings true. He is responding in the moment with clarity. It lets the executives know, he is ready and able to be available for them. 

When you ask questions of executive customers and they respond, be ready to answer their questions. It is okay to say, "Let me find out and respond to you by Friday." It is so much better if you have someone like Todd Bruni with you who can respond in the moment. If you are not an expert in your customers' operations, who can you invite to be your backup? It is good to have as powerful wingman like Todd to fly with you. 

What do you do to become an expert in your Customers' Operations?