Be the One

"You are the one. You know it when you are hear a leader make request for someone to step up and take action. You step forward." said a Director at CenterPoint Energy in one of our innovation sessions. She decided to Be the One. You can too. When you read a post on social media, see a story on a news report, or get a text from a friend in need, take action. There is no one looking over your shoulder. It is between you and your heart to step up. You will be glad you did.

Yesterday, I tried to map out an adventure to HEB and could not go beyond a few blocks because of flooding. I am grateful to God. I am thankful to CenterPoint Energy because I have power. I have internet. I am grateful to the City of Houston and have running water. I am safe. Today, I jumped out of bed early to get my client work completed so I can volunteer. I am working on more wheelchair donations for the 7,000 plus guests we have living at George R Brown Convention Center and now Toyota Center. I received calls and emails from from executives and directors at hospitals and they are working on it. I am grateful. On Monday, Beyonce paid for 20 wheelchairs and we are thankful. 

There is a dire need for wheelchairs and it increases as more people are being rescued today. If you have wheelchair(s) which you are willing to donate, will you please text me at 832-563-8511? I will coordinate with @RudyRasmus at St. Johns Downtown and #Temenos with @CatherineFlowers, Executive Director, at the City of Houston Housing to pick it up. @ARocketMovers is offering to pickup the wheelchairs.