Now More Than Ever

"Now more than ever we need to work with you." said Bill, a Senior Level Leader. It felt like I had heard that before. And, I had. In Own Your Value, I wrote, "We are walking in a forest of unpredictability. So many things are changing.Whether you agree with what is happening or not, it is happening." It rings so clear that organizations are searching for innovators to emerge to take risks. To take a risk it requires you have some quiet time to feel your vision. See what you want to create in the future and what is emerging. Now more than ever, we need thoughtful, centered leaders with a clear vision.

Work Hard and Stay Innovative

"The only thing I know to do it keep working and going." said Hubert Duncan, my grandfather, west Texas rancher and east Texas dairy farmer. I thought about this paradox as I meditated this morning and saw the clouds break in Houston. We are working to restart client projects and that is tough. When you have momentum, take a break, and restart, it takes so much more effort. When every person you talk with in your hometown has a sadder story than you could have imagined, how do you keep innovating?

Many books are published about innovation. Own Your Value is released on September 20th and it is about the paradox of how to work hard and stay innovative. It is in my DNA and what I know. Zig Ziglar as one of my mentors encouraged me to keep going. I wish he were here today to keep encouraging. After #Hurricane Harvey, it seems I am prone to crying instead of working hard and staying innovative. So, today I will do all three. Cry, work, and innovate. Sending you lots of love and compassion. What do you do to keep going?