Leadership Development

Work Hard and Stay Innovative

"The only thing I know to do it keep working and going." said Hubert Duncan, my grandfather, west Texas rancher and east Texas dairy farmer. I thought about this paradox as I meditated this morning and saw the clouds break in Houston. We are working to restart client projects and that is tough. When you have momentum, take a break, and restart, it takes so much more effort. When every person you talk with in your hometown has a sadder story than you could have imagined, how do you keep innovating?

Many books are published about innovation. Own Your Value is released on September 20th and it is about the paradox of how to work hard and stay innovative. It is in my DNA and what I know. Zig Ziglar as one of my mentors encouraged me to keep going. I wish he were here today to keep encouraging. After #Hurricane Harvey, it seems I am prone to crying instead of working hard and staying innovative. So, today I will do all three. Cry, work, and innovate. Sending you lots of love and compassion. What do you do to keep going?


Organic Connections

Is "organic" a label you look for when shopping? Most people prefer the idea of natural. Things that are not human engineered and forced to grow have more appeal. Our clients thrive when they see things naturally moving forward. Have you felt forced into a connection you did not want? How many times have you made one connection and easily a simple introduction of one person to another opens doors for you that you could not imagine. In the new book, #OwnYourValue, you will meet Hafizah Coston and you will see how one organic connection open three new doors that could have never been forced open. Hafizah has a natural way of seeing what is real about a situation. She has a curiosity that sparks organic connections for many others and most of the time the organic connections benefit her and her customers, especially #UTMB and #UTHealth.

What about being open to your curiosity? What is one way you can spark an organic connection today? How can you be open to helping others? Hurricane #Harvey might give us some new ways to show an organic connection.  

Reinventing Yourself

"You keep reinventing yourself." said Debbye Crofoot-Morley, Director of Campaign Advancement, Holocaust Museum, Houston. We could not stop laughing. It is true and funny. I never thought how important reinventing yourself is as a leadership development tool. Debbye and I have known each other for more than 15 years. We met when she served on the Board of one of our clients. She has seen my life, career, and company evolve. It is an iterative process for me.

Three keys for reinventing yourself are:
  1. Test your mind talk, look at what is true, false and what you don't know. What is the truth about where you are in this moment?
  2. Meditate, pray, and go into nature to find out what you really want and value. Will it matter to you 20 years from now?
  3. Talk with a mentor, executive development specialist, and/or spiritual healer to get clear on an action plan for you. How do you do one thing now to reinvent yourself?

This is how I do it. I hope it helps you. As school starts this year, let's put ourself back into school. Life school and learn how to #OwnYourValue.

Know You Are Ready for Action

"When you are above the 10th floor, you don't ask what people do. You know. You are ready for action with the people who set strategy." said Kristi Chisum of Cisco. 

When you know you are ready for action, take it. It is a weird feeling when you are not ready. You know it. There are times you want to take action and you know you are not ready.

I am learning how important it is to rest. Yes, rest. This weekend, I did rest. It is Monday and I know I am ready for action. 

What are the signs that you receive to let you know are ready for action?

What will you do for what you want?

At CenterPoint Energy, we are in a meeting with a Vice President and she says, "People will do anything for what they want and very little for what they need." This is profound. It changes how I see the world. We focus on this premise and our project out performs all historic growth records in the industry.

The example I give is I want a pair of shoes from Nordstroms and I need a gas dryer. Which will I move heaven and earth for to get? Okay, true confession, the shoes. When you are asking questions of executive clients, we encourage our clients to find out what do those executives want. Once you find it, you are on fire. It is where the spark ignites a new project, a new opportunity, and expansion of the career of the executive. And, the expansion of your career is on fire.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar