Listen and Silent are the same

Do you ever consider that listen and silent have the same characters and are the same? It is an Ah ha for me. I am lover of TEDTalks. When I was listening to a TEDTalk to get in the mood for preparing for a client innovation session in Academic Medicine, I heard a speaker talk about this idea of "Listen and Silent are the same." It jumped out at me and let me reflect on how I listen. Am I silent? My monkey mind is usually running a mile a minute, as my friend Mary says. For me to get really silent, it requires I stay true to my practice of meditation. Sometimes I meditate more than once a day. Maybe this might be a clue. 

What if today, you take a moment to really listen to what is being said and be silent? I plan to listen and be silent at least three times today when I am with clients and my family. When you read Own Your Value, my latest book, one of the key tools in the book is to ask questions and really listen to what is being said and not said. It is an awakening. Will you try it at least once this week and let me know how it goes?