Innovation with the Flow Value Model™

IRB for Human Clinical Trials

“Are you the minister?” asks one researcher when I walk in the room. Je , the researcher is a brilliant man in his 60’s with a shock of gray hair. He makes sure his opinions are known at the IRB. After one meeting, I realize it would be a bonus for this assignment if I were a minister instead of an innovation consultant.

The Vice President of Research of a Medical School asks me to join an IRB and then work with them to innovate the communication process. We did and after six months, research projects began to ow out of the one IRB. The VP of Research implements the innovation to the other IRB’s over the next 6 months.


Saves time in getting research to the patient.

Higher Education

“How do we build new strategic partnerships in 90 days to get this project done for the University President?” asks Cindy, Vice President of Development for a University. Cindy is a vibrant, successful, creative community thought leader with a quick smile and focused determination. She is well-connected and resourceful. Cindy has a way of making even the most difficult challenges appear interesting.

We create a strategic partnership with the University with our Flow Value Model™. This opens 40 new strategic partnerships for Cindy and the University. Our team collaborates with the University’s project team to build a compelling story. The story is from the connecting points of the new strategic partners’ challenges, opportunities and immediate action. The project, a new center, is alive and well on campus. The students and community benefit from the catalyst of the $10 Million gift in 90 days.


Starts a new approach to strategic partnerships resulting in $10 Million in 90 days and $30 Million over two years.

Academic Medical Institution

I want product and results, not a process,” said Deedie Root, PhD, director of a program for an Academic Medical Institution. Deedie has bright blue eyes which could cut through steel. She is kind, compassionate and brilliant. She invites us into the project which is need of a fresh approach and new story.

Over 18 months, Deedie and her team alongside the medical school’s leadership, apply the Flow Value Model™ to find new ways to innovate the delivery of services to patients. We include 2,500 physicians, local leaders, insurance executives, pharmaceutical companies, and employers.


New approach with a compelling story, our combined action, and the Value Based Action Plan result in 55 strategic partners and $11 Million in funding.

Product Innovation

“Can you get these guys to call me back and make a decision?” said the CEO of a nanotechnology product start-up. For two years, the CEO struggles to find a way to explain how the product they developed is different and then we meet at a speaking engagement. The CEO is 28 and new to Houston, Texas, without connections and an understanding of how the value is perceived by the local market and customers.

With the Flow Value Model™, our team works with the CEO, CTO, and leadership to prepare, test and validate a story. In the process, the strategic partners help to develop a new delivery system for the product. In innovation sessions with 200 strategic partners, we connect to 40 in a Summit. The strategic partners built an Action Plan and refined story. Within 60 days, 8 decide to begin product testing and contract negotiations.


The infrastructure is built, new product ideas surface and 3 contracts are signed with key industry leaders that are multi-billion dollar partners resulting in immediate orders in six months.

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