• We get you. You get it.
    How do we help you help people get it?

We are innovators that reveal the client’s brilliance and value. Our evidenced based research model, the Flow Value Model™, communicates and provides access to value, increases sales and revenue, and provides a path for solutions that create opportunities for complex industry and community challenges. We focus on teams in the energy, healthcare, technology, and utility industries.

  • We Get You


    • Love value and to innovate
    • Live to relate
    • Say “Go,” not “Wait”

    You are Not:

    • Beyond cheap
    • Frightened to say a peep
    • Seeing the challenge as too steep
  • You Are Known For Your:

    • Courage to take risks
    • Can-do attitude
    • Chutzpah to ask the right people to stand with you

    You Are Not Known For:

    • Defending the status quo
    • Staying stuck
    • Doing it yourself
  • You are:

    • Clear and Creative
    • Brave and Valuable
    • Real and Successful

For the past 15 years, we developed and tested the proven Flow Value Model™ with executives to reveal the brilliance and value of their organizations. It gets to the heart of what is pushing for you and what is pushing against you, to create the clear value in the middle. We have conducted research with more than 20,000 innovators in 65 industries and 110 countries. Part of the story of our work is in the bestselling book, Transformational Growth available on Amazon with my pen name Jackie Broussard.

Our Services


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Innovation and Flow Value Model™ Consulting

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Leadership Development

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Flow Value Model™ Workshops and Virtual Learning

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The question which unlocks the mother load of opportunity is:

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

We do four things to help you

Free Yourself to Do Something for the First Time with a Flow Value Model™ Innovation Workshop to be willing to do something for the first time and write a Value Innovation Plan.

Love Innovators, Laugh Out Loud, and Be Remarkable by Build a Flow Value Model™ by asking questions of innovators. Research groups of innovators that want to create the same value you do. When you ask the five magic questions, you dive deep into the sweaty, real, passionate experience of innovation and increasing value.

Open to Increase Value with inspired action from your Innovation Plan and the Innovators that are creating the same value you are. We work with you to charge into your fears of increasing value and doing something new.

Welcome Something New and produce a Value Innovation Summit™ with innovators that include your customers, leaders and local communities.

How do we help you help people get it?