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“Jackie is a master marketer and a master program developer, and she can be trusted to do that. She does it well, she does it deeply and thoroughly.”

—James Sniechowski, PhD, Psychologist, Best-Selling Author, & Master Executive Coach (Silicon Valley, CA)


At JLG, we seek new opportunities, nurture relationships, connect the dots, and act with intention and urgency to help you scale your business. While growth is good, scaling is better. Scaling solves problems. It increases revenues at a much greater rate than cost. It steepens the curve and generates exponential results.

So how do we do it? With thinking and action that inspires people to new places.

Scaling is about leveraging your network and activating ours. It’s about doing things differently, better, or for the first time. It’s about moving beyond competing to changing the game. It’s about cultivating long-term strategic relationships with brilliant, driven, and creative people. And it’s about following through, always.

What is the key factor to scale? Seeing challenges as opportunities.

Climate change, unemployment, and access to healthcare are among some of the most critical societal challenges of our time. With COVID-19, these challenges have intensified, and a new one is emerging – ruralization (urban flight to rural retreats). At JLG, we see these challenges as opportunities for innovative companies with exponential revenue results and positive societal outcomes. But only for those businesses ready and willing to scale.

What makes a business ready and willing to scale? Working with Business Champions.

JLG only works with champions – leaders who embrace change, challenge the status quo, and act swiftly and decisively to scale their business and transform their results. The champions we work with commit to using SCALE, our systematic, creative approach leading to exponential results; they do the work and stay the course. While they experience fear, they move through it with courage, trusting our well-established approach and the champions standing with them.

Since 1993, JLG has been in the business of helping clients expand their reach, innovate their offerings, and generate breakthrough results. Our extensive network of more than 20,000 business leaders in over 110 countries provides access to C-suite executives and gives our clients a seat at the table with decision makers. Our carefully crafted messages ensure that our clients speak with confidence and authority, so they are heard, and decisions are made. Lastly, our methodology is proven, tested over time with groundbreaking outcomes.

We see opportunities as challenges. We work with champions. We facilitate SCALE for extraordinary results.


Are you a champion? Then get ready to SCALE.

Jackie’s Sales Story

Jackie started selling when she was eight years old. She sold more Girl Scout Cookies than any scout in her troop in the San Jacinto District of Texas.  Graduating from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Psychology, Jackie started to work at Raytheon and did sales presentations for Enterprise Accounts. She then became the top national sales representative for CPT, selling networks. 

Her next move was to Major Account Leader for Harris Corporation, where she was named the top sales presenter in the national training program. While working full-time in sales with an annual $5 million book of business for a distribution company, she went back to college to earn an MBA from University of St. Thomas, graduating with honors. She turned around a failing division of an outsourcing company and helped to save Bank of America $100 Million in six months. The division of the company increased their sales and turned around the loss to add $20 Million in profit.

With the encouragement of her family, she started The Hall Group, Inc., now known as the Jackie Lyles Group. She developed more than 200 sales courses and created SCALE™, a signature approach for incremental revenue growth with 468 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies such as DuPont, Eaton Products, and Cisco, as well as 1,000s of privately held entrepreneurial companies.

“Jackie, what your clients say they value in working with you and your team is the ‘Jackie Magic.’ It is the extraordinary way you have of seeing business strategies that work to achieve outrageous results in a short amount of time. What is so magical is no one sees these opportunities and connections with partners until you reveal it to them, and then it is so clear.” – Jim Norman, former President and CEO of Zig Ziglar Corporation


Are you ready to make a change, but can’t seem to move forward? You are not alone. After 15 years working with 20,000 innovators in 65 industries and 110 countries, Jackie Lyles found that it took her own personal health crisis to stop the work treadmill and open her heart and soul to make one of the biggest transformational changes in her own life. In this funny and heartfelt talk, Jackie shares how facing Hurricane Harvey and confronting — and averting — a potential future of deteriorating disability gave her new perspective; and she offers three new tools that can help you activate change in your life.
This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxHoustonWomen, an independent event.

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We believe in a world where the secular and sacred work together for good, where our relationships and being present come first, and where our work inspires positive impact that accelerates dramatically over time for our clients, our community, and our world.


In collaboration with our clients, we co-create one-of-a-kind solutions that inspire large thinking, deepen customer understanding, discover new opportunities, and scale revenues exponentially regardless of market conditions.


We promise to bring our unique perspective, massive network of champions, and proven, systematic approach to scaling business, opening opportunities, increasing revenues, and accelerating results to each client encounter.

Our work is grounded in the values that lead us:

  • Health: Respect for our clients, ourselves, the community, and the earth
  • Joy: Courage to be present with meaningful, excellent work and be true to ourselves
  • Fun: Curious in exploring new ideas, having fun, and laughing out loud
  • Gratitude: Kindness towards others and focusing on mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Freedom: Free to work with clients who share our values 


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