One-of-a-kind master relationship builder Jackie Lyles, founder of the Jackie Lyles Group, introduces her new leadership course, The Business Champion Sales Method™. Known for her ability to connect business leaders with community influencers to create opportunities and address business and  societal challenges, Jackie brings her proven approach to relationship building and scaling business to a virtual video course accessible to professionals seeking to transform their results and become business champions themselves.


Not everyone is A Business Champion. Early on Jackie learned that to consistently achieve her goals, grow her business, and facilitate transformational results for her clients, she had to work with champions—leaders who embrace change, challenge the status quo, and act decisively. She discovered that Business Champions think and act differently. They can influence and are in a personal relationship with at least 500 people and have access to funding to complete their work and realize their dreams.

Your Opportunity Adventure is Here

Are ready to become a Business Champion and radically increase your revenue and results? Then the Business Champion Sales Method™ is for you. Join Jackie Lyles and learn to consistently achieve your goals, grow your business, and facilitate transformational results with your clients.

The Business Champion Sales Method™ is a revolutionary approach developed in response to the pandemic and our new normal. It moves you from traditional face-to-face selling to selling virtually through video, phone, texts, and emails.

It inspires new thinking, builds strategic connections, opens up opportunities, and radically accelerates your income and results. Jackie will show you her signature, time-tested approach, which works especially well with sales teams using Salesforce.

This virtual online 4-hour course—organized into 8 modules delivered over 8 weeks, each with 5 to 8 powerful lessons averaging 3 minutes—takes you on an opportunity adventure teaching you how to:

  • Break through to a larger vision and unleash new possibilities
  • Throw out insecurities and identify the most profitable industries that benefit from your focus
  • Stop letting the economy govern your behavior or actions
  • Develop and own far greater competence and confidence to achieve the goals you are yet to imagine

  • Align new opportunities to your customers’ needs and increase your value
  • Gain access to information and new practical sales tools by connecting with Business Champions and expanding your network
  • Become a Business Champion to dream big and accomplish even more

Special Time-Limited Offer

Until now, Jackie Lyles’ life-changing approach was only available to her executive leadership, business strategy, and coaching clients.

Today, The Business Champion Sales Method is now open to individuals and organizations dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and developing passionate, prepared leaders through a special time-limited offer including:

  • The Business Champion Sales Method™ virtual online course, at an investment of just $1,997. Special rates for available for groups.
  • Worksheets and proven sales tools you can download and use in your work and life
  • One full-year access to the virtual online course and course materials 


Included with your registration is the newly developed coaching materials with talking points for Managers and Team Leads. The Guide, organized by module, helps managers effectively lead their sales teams through the course and reinforces retention and application of the approach. 



To schedule your free 15-minute strategy session with Jackie Lyles to see if The Business Champion Sales Method™ might be a fit for you, contact her at jackie@jackielyles.com or call at 832-563-8511.


Currently under development, the Business Champion Formula™ is an online, virtual course which takes you on a self-guided journey to becoming a Business Champions, connecting  and surrounding yourself with Business Champions, and identifying new opportunities that will accelerate your results and your revenue regardless of market conditions. 



Scaling your business. Transforming your results.

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