Connecting champions. Accelerating results.



Connecting champions. Accelerating results.



We work with champions just like you. Leaders who embrace change, challenge the status quo, and act decisively. Leaders who have influence with 500 or more people. Leaders who have access to funding. Leaders who put their thinking into action and their action into results. We help the most ambitious leaders think and act differently to win tomorrow.

These leaders are Business Champions and JLG is in relationship with more than 20,000 Business Champions worldwide. Our massive network of Business Champions inspires our work and utilizes our greatest strengths—relationship acumen, curiosity, innovation, and forward thinking. We guide Business Champions to move beyond competing in the marketplace to winning regardless of market conditions.

Using our proprietary approach, we work with you and your team to think and act differently. We cut through the noise to help you scale your business and transform your results.


Together we SCALE an approach that positively impacts your results in 5 simple steps:

  1. See opportunities
  2. Conduct champion conversations
  3. Advance your best opportunities
  4. Leverage your current resources
  5. Expedite your results

Our Systematic, Creative Approach to Exponential Results is a roadmap for your work, ensuring that you are connecting with the right customers, focusing your efforts on the right opportunities, and using your resources wisely to rapidly generate results.

Work with us to experience new connections, bigger opportunities, and faster results. Leverage our insight and advise.



Consulting services for a department head, executive, or entrepreneur seeking to determine what’s next for their business unit, organization, or start-up company each organized and facilitated by JLG. 

360 SWOT

Through internal and external conversations facilitated by JLG, you will identify those internal beliefs, processes, and systems that are holding you and your team back and discover the most profitable opportunities on which to focus your time and efforts .

    • Begin with market research to see the best possible markets for your products or services now and for the next year
    • Tap into your talent of your employees by asking for their advice
    • Develop a value and risk assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
    • Lead an active online video encounter of your present and future Business Champion customers matched with your leadership team.
    • Develop a plan to activate these new opportunities
Business Champion Conversations

Breakthrough to a larger vision of what is possible for you and your sales team by identifying your Business Champions and creating a questioning strategy designed to facilitate long-term business relationships.

    • Learn how to identify Business Champions specific to your business
    • Research a list of the key factors that signal your best Business Champions
    • Ask the Jackie signature questions which motivate a higher level of commitment from Business Champions including select present and future customers
Business Champion Forums

JLG facilitates online or in-person gatherings of Business Champions seeking new opportunities to connect and develop long-lasting business relationships leading to increased sales and profitability. Attendees are hand-picked and vetted to maximize and accelerate outcomes. 

    • Build an exclusive opportunity for present and future customers to work together for mutually beneficial results
    • Conduct Business Champion conversations before the forum with select executive customers to find win-win opportunities for your business and theirs
    • Give Jackie’s creative innovation tools to the forum participants 
    • Structure a Business Champion Plan to achieve your big dreams and those of your executive customers


Ideal for the department head or entrepreneur seeking to jump start sales or identify future opportunities, Insights are both consulting services and interactive learning programs led by JLG

Developing Business Champions

Perfect for the high-performing sales team, this Insight brings your star performers together in active learning using the Business Champion Sales Method™, helping you become a Business Champion, surround yourself with Business Champions, and accomplish so much more.

  • Select the best Business Champions from your team for incremental revenue growth
  • Communicate the value of The Business Champion Sales Method™ virtual course for your team while encouraging completion and progressing through the course as a team
  • Deliver management tools to facilitate conversations about The Business Champion Sales Method™ over 8 weeks and ensure retention and application of the method
  • Offer the Business Champion Sales Method™ virtual course to your best customers and business partners to share values and deepen the relationship

Opportunity Adventures

Enhance your customer relationships and rethink your sales approach that opens new doors, expands your network, and helps you reach that next level of success

  • Consult with select Sales and Executive leaders to determine which prospective Business Champions they would like to meet with to expand opportunities
  • Research, schedule, and prepare the sales team to capitalize on the opportunities identified
  • Open the door for the sales and executive leaders to meet with Business Champions and broaden their opportunities

Future Forums

JLG facilitates a round table discussion with internal and external Business Champions designed to increase your return on investment by accelerating your time to market

  • Go deep into the new markets, future customers, and Business Champions you and your team want to explore for launching new products or services
  • Identify key internal team members and Business Champions that will lead the way for your launch of new products and services in the future


Executive coaching services with Jackie Lyles offered to individuals or teams with a minimum commitment of one month and $3600.

Opportunity Making

Work with Jackie to increase your revenue now and create recuring revenue for the future

    • Find new opportunities for you and your team to expand your vision of what is possible
    • Determine the best industries for your investment of time and resources
    • Package your offering of products, services, and your executive presence to be ready for the opportunities
    • Research, schedule, plan, and prepare your sales leaders for opportunity discussions with Business Champions
    • Ask for referrals from your current clients and JLG’s network of Business Champions to gain referrals that zero-in on existing opportunities and generate new ones
    • Lead the opportunity discussions with Business Champions and your sales leaders to reveal new opportunities
    • Encourage you and the Business Champion to follow-up and find a way to form a long-term agreement for immediate and sustaining revenue

Get a Seat at the Table

Jackie works with you to polish your product and services packaging and elevate your executive presence so you can have a seat at the table of executive decision-makers

    • Establish with your sales and executive teams the ideal Business Champions to meet your business objectives
    • Identify the specific tables where you want a seat, such as, Executive Committees, Boards of Directors, and Technology Review, Innovation Leaders, Speaker Selection, or Strategy Steering Committees
    • Explore your network and JLG’s network of Business Champions to find opportunities for referrals to secure your seat at the table
    • Trigger new opportunities for you to earn a seat at the Table



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