“By engaging our network of 20,000 Business Champions in 65 industries and 110 countries and keeping our focus on the ever-changing markets, the global collaborations we facilitate turn into increased sales and profitability for our clients.” – Jackie Lyles

Futurist. Influencer. Innovator. Best-Selling Author. Aggie.

Jackie Lyles is one of a kind. She is present, focused, and generous. When you meet Jackie for the first time, you’re struck by how easy she is to talk with, how you have her undivided attention, and how carefully she listens. When the conversation is over, you realize two things: you feel inspired, rejuvenated, and energized, and you can’t wait to talk with her again.

Jackie is a master relationship builder. Her upbringing in East Texas, encouraged by her grandfather, shaped who she is and how she treats people. Her uncanny ability to quickly create deep connections with people began in grade school and continued through her years at Texas A&M, her graduate studies at the University of St. Thomas, and her remarkable career as a strategist, innovator, futurist, influencer, and best-selling author. Her clients, colleagues, and friends (and there are so many) say that her ability to make deep, enduring connections is unique—an exceptional attribute in a world that is often more transactional than relational.

It’s this extraordinary ability to connect with people that sets Jackie and her work apart. Jackie is in relationship with more than 20,000 business and community champions around the world. This remarkable network expands her breadth and depth of knowledge across a wide range of industry sectors, including healthcare, technology, education, real estate, energy, utilities, and government. It is also the heart and soul of her proprietary methodology for rapidly scaling for-profit organizations.

Another of Jackie’s distinctive talents is her ability to see opportunities where others see challenges. Using deep dive questioning strategies designed to encourage equally thoughtful responses, Jackie helps you discover what you can do differently, better, or for the first time to scale your business. Then by accessing her massive network and conducting conversations with champions, she is able to instantly connect current business and community challenges with future trends to co-create new opportunities for you and your business. Together, you and Jackie solve seemingly insurmountable organizational and community challenges that ultimately transform your company and positively impact your community.

This is “Jackie Magic.” Expanding your perspective. Inspiring new thinking. Building strategic connections. Making opportunities. Scaling your business. Transforming your results.

Jackie is a champion connector, opportunity maker, and scale innovator.

Client Testimonials


“Simply put, this is what Jackie does. She meets inspiring individuals, builds those relationships, shares her passion, and facilitates connections to make positive things happen.”

—Jim Walsh, Senior Vice President of Growth Marketing, Cisco (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Master executive coach

“Working with Jackie has pushed us to think larger, to actually be pushed into our own fear of being fabulous. She will help you think through who you are and what you’re doing in a much larger format, a much larger implication. Jackie will help you grow.”

—Judith Sherven, PhD, Psychologist, Best-Selling Author, and Master Executive Coach (Silicon Valley, CA)



“Jackie has great balance between business and social foresight, performance, and character. She effects positive change, and that leaves a lasting impression in the business community. And she does it all with a smile and her warm southern charm.”

—Darryl Drenon, Vice President of Sales, Centre Technologies (Houston, Texas)

University of Texas Medical Branch

“Jackie has inspired our organization to think in ways we would not have realized without it. We have discovered the language that opens up an array of business and industry partnerships among people and companies that share our vision and work toward healthier communities.”

—Steven R. Shelton, MBA, PA-C, Assistant Vice President for Community Outreach and Program Director, University of Texas Medical Branch – Health, Texas Area Health Education Center, East (Galveston, TX)



“Jackie helped me to look ahead and prepare myself for things that I don’t necessarily see now, but I sense are coming. Jackie is all about having the questions written out, and then writing down the answers. It’s not about winging it, it’s not about memorizing, but preparing, and then engaging the customer. Then, being able to take that data, examine it, reflect on it, and ask, ‘Do I see a pattern? Something that’s emerging in the data, a trend?’ Being able to see the trend – to really analyze the market so you can adapt – now that’s important.”

—Jose Laboy, Conservation Improvement Program Implementation Manager, CenterPoint Energy (Little Rock, Arkansas)


“The Champion Forum and the SCALE process gave the companies I work with results and changed how I see opportunities. At Stewart and Stevenson, it gave us a way to increase our revenues by $425 million in four months.”

—Jay Manning, President, EVP Sales of WattStock, former, VP of Sales at Stewart & Stevenson (Houston, TX)



Jackie Lyles is the Chief Executive Officer of the Jackie Lyles Group, where she leads a team of extraordinarily talented professionals. Jackie and her team are dedicated to identifying and quickly activating innovative opportunities that position their clients for sustainable growth and profitability.

With more than 20 years of progressive experience in the healthcare, technology, education, utility, and energy sectors, Jackie is recognized as a master relationship builder, innovation strategist, and change leader. Her leadership strengths enable her to imagine the future, strategize a plan, and activate people and partnerships to realize the objectives. Through personal advocacy, vision, and drive, Jackie inspires her clients to solve seemingly insurmountable organizational and community challenges.

Key to Jackie’s success is her vast network of more than 20,000 innovators in 65 industries and 110 countries, relationships that she has carefully cultivated over time and continues to foster with care and compassion. This remarkable network gives her a depth and breadth of knowledge across several business, government, for-profit and nonprofit sectors and access to influential business and community leaders. It is also the heart and soul of her research and what led her to develop SCALE™, her proprietary multi-competency demand model that defines an organization’s value for new and existing customers and quickly identifies growth opportunities.

Jackie combines strategy with urgency to guide individuals and organizations through every stage of change and growth. She works with you to discover what you can do differently, better or for the first time to grow your business and transform your results.

Jackie’s Work Includes the following


Jackie Lyles Group expanded the collaboration of seven partners to 13 Million influencers who helped raise $7 Million with a $5 Million match from Google to generate the free fundraising “I’m Standing with You” musical production that is still generating money for COVID-19 relief for the World Health Organization with the United Nations Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Fund.

Jackie Lyles Group built a technology and healthcare collaborative plan for faster Hurricane Harvey recovery. Funded by Cisco, this involved 55 key leaders from technology, including CenterPoint Energy and healthcare organizations such as Harris Health and other TMC institutions. This resulted in a faster and deeper executive physician collaboration with disaster response.

Jackie Lyles Group developed a $7 Million collaboration in six months with nine external partners led by Pastor Rudy Rasmus, Bread of Life of St. John’s Downtown, creating an innovative case management program, training over 1,000 volunteers to help 500 homeless people transition from living on the streets to having a home and receiving food, support, healthcare, and workforce transition skills to improve their quality of life.

Jackie’s clients include Academic Medical Institutions, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Shell, Abbott Labs, IBM, DuPont, and CenterPoint Energy, as well as hundreds of privately held companies. She has raised more than $14 million to support causes that she is passionate about, such as entrepreneurship, collaboration of nonprofits, and women’s issues.

Jackie has served on the boards of Texas Executive Women and St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and was recognized as one of the top ten business leaders in Houston as a “Women on the Move” recipient from KPRK and Texas Executive Women. She is a Leader at Unity of Houston and Founder of the Grow Unity movement.

She has a BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University and an MBA with honors from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Her books, Transformational Growth and Own Your Own Value, are bestsellers and available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.


Jackie has two best-selling books, Own Your Value and Transformational Growth. Click on the images to buy to start transforming your life.



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