In this episode, Jackie talks with Camela Thompson, the VP of Marketing at CaliberMind, the leading B2B platform for revenue insights you can trust. Based in Seattle, Camela has spent 15+ years in Revenue Operations in the tech industry in successful startups such as Qumulo, Extrahop, and CDK Global (formerly Cobalt) before proving herself as a customer-first growth marketer. She is deeply familiar with the pain points that Ops teams face and is passionate about helping Ops professionals accelerate their careers.

Camela is a self-proclaimed ‘passionate technologist,’ who loves all things data. Listen as Jackie and Camela discuss how she works closely with the sales team in support of the ever-evolving need to implement difference types of sales outreach tools. Camela’s biggest challenge is two-fold; how to explore the opportunities created by a recession…and the interplay with the transformation that is impacting b2b sales and causing marketing and sales teams to work more closely together. Moving forward, Camela is focused on how to convert current customers in the brand ambassadors. And for the sports enthusiasts, you are going to love her advice about the ‘game tape review!’

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