In this episode, Jackie talks with Sara Notarfrancesco an Account Executive with Estée Lauder

Companies, the global leader in prestige beauty. She has utilized over 15 years of experience in sales &

marketing, management, and finance across various industries to drive retail business. Transitioning into

cosmetics from the mortgage and insurance industries was driven by her passion for beauty and the love

for helping people. Utilizing a vast array of expertise she enjoys empowering sales teams and building

cosmetic businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area. Sara’s leadership and sales

philosophies are rooted in empathy and she has a genuine approach to relationship building.

Sara grew up in a family that owned a grocery store, so customer service is in the fabric of her DNA. She

is also a rarity in that she excels creatively and analytically. Listen as Jackie and Sara discuss the business

challenges impacting the retail industry…an industry that is still transitioning post the pandemic. This

drives Sara’s focus on how to create a different value proposition for the in-store experience that will

entice the online customer back into the traditional retail shopping paradigm. Social media plays a

powerful role in bridging this divide, which Sara is using as a business advantage. Sara is an empathic

leader who reminds us that it all starts with being kinder to self. In her work this means that it is “not

about the lipstick, it’s about how the lipstick makes you feel.” No matter your business, the outcome is

not a transaction, it is a transformation.

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