In this episode, Jackie talks with Cherie Gordon, who heads Business Development and Business Attraction for the City of Fort Worth. In this role, she drives strategic land and economic development, and lead generation. Previously, she was with corporations in Fort Worth including BNSF Railway, American Airlines and Software Professionals, Inc. Cherie loves Forth Worth!

Jackie and Cherie have worked together on projects. Listen as they discuss Cherie’s biggest business challenge, which is selling the advantages of her city to businesses. Cherie also discusses her career navigation and the value she places on formal and informal mentoring programs. She finds her ‘magic’ in being present, responding quickly to those in her network, and recognizing opportunities when no one else in looking. As Cherie continues to evolve, she is work to apply efficiencies that will give her greater capacity to serve her community. Let’s hope that she will share her secret.

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