In this episode, Jackie talks with Avil Beckford, Founder & CEO of The Invisible Mentor. Avil is an expert interviewer, skilled writer, published author, and an avid reader. She created a system to train senior level professionals on how to read, so they learn what they need to know from the books they read. Art of Learning Leadership Academy is her membership site where you get access to Bookish Notes. Most of what Avil does revolves around reading and learning. Reading helped her heal during a time of great grief, and in the long run it has developed her intercultural awareness.

Listen as Jackie and Avil remind us of the benefits of making reading a part of our everyday lives. Readers are truly leaders! Avil not only reads, she studies reading. One of her gifts is her ability to tie disparate pieces of information together through reading to form something new. Avil teaches the 80/20 reading rule; how to read 20% of the book to understand 80% of the text. She also encourages us to read outside of our area of specialty. Avil’s biggest business challenge is tapping into her power as an introvert to be more intentional about sharing her personal brand. Being a ‘best kept secret’ does not help your business. We all have to expand our comfort zones. 

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