In this episode, Jackie talks with David Jacobs, a Principal with TechKnowledge Consulting. Dave is a career IT and sales professional. His previous experience includes sales and management assignments with AT&T and IBM. At IBM, he was the manager of sales training for his division, and was involved in training over 1,000 new hires and college graduates. While Dave is very passionate about his career in IT, his undergraduate focus was in the performing arts. Both Jackie and Dave have a love for the theater. Dave is also involved in serving his community.

Like many experts who have been on this podcast, Dave’s biggest business challenge at this time is recruiting top talent. Hiring for a sophisticated candidate profile can be time consuming, but his business is growing (even in the current economic state), which has helped to attract new talent. Dave manages a great team with the collective philosophy to serve everyone on the project, not just the client contact. When it comes to the art of selling, Dave reminds us that “selling is not telling.” He advocates for holding back on the sales pitch; don’t lead with the technical conversation. Instead, get curious, ask the customer questions and focus on solving for their needs. Dave also provides tangible examples on how to increase the visibility of your expertise and the power of networking and business referrals.

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