Sales Magic is the podcast hosted by Jackie Lyles, a champion connector, opportunity maker and scale

innovator. Using her proprietary approach, Jackie shares proven techniques to scale your business and

transform your sales results, regardless of market conditions.

In this episode, Jackie talks again with Yvonne Harris, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader. Listen as they

discuss why the Sales Magic podcast is an important endeavor for Jackie in alignment with her personal

drive to help as many people as she can achieve their sales and business goals. She shares sage advice

on how to activate your personal power to open the door to yes. As someone who is always willing to

share what she learns from others, Jackie recalls a wise quote that shifted her approach to getting to

yes, “If you ask for advice, everyone gives you money. If you ask for money, everyone gives you advice.”

Jackie and the entire Sales Magic team thank you for listening. Your support of this podcast is magic!

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