In this episode, Jackie talks with Lilian Wee,  a commercial manager for Netherlands-based offshore energy and shipping global company, Boskalis Offshore Energy. Lilian graduated from Murdoch University in Perth with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Hospitality & Tourism Management. She is a born and bred Singaporean and has called Houston Texas, USA, home since September 2018 after accepting an engagement to her then-fiancée, now husband to embark on their next phase of life together.

Lilian is passionate about empowering women within the energy sector, and plays an active role in volunteering her time with the Houston chapter of Women’s Energy Network (WEN) as Director of Membership Programming and Executive Membership Chair since January 2019. She is also the host and curator of her own podcast, “Heart Open Convers-Asians,” where she explores stories of everyday Asians overcoming challenges and how through tapping into their resilience, courage and strength, strive towards living their one most true, full and present life. This project is a true labor of love! Lilian lives with her husband and beloved border collie mix rescue pup, Sadie, and she thrives the most when surrounded by things, people and activities that nourish her, usually involving food, yoga, nature, travels, books, music, dogs, meaningful connections and new cultures.

Jackie and Lilian met through WEN, and their conversation is full of great advice for sales leaders at all stages in their careers. Upon moving to the US, Lilian discovered the need to develop a new aptitude for selling in a new country. At this time, her biggest challenge is building her confidence in her new abilities and having greater trust for herself, which will then reflect in the trust that her clients and prospects have in her. The energy that flows with trust and confidence is what fuels new ideas and gets your clients moving on projects with you. Lilian’s superpowers are her empathy and her willingness to always stay curious.

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