Sales Magic is the podcast hosted by Jackie Lyles, a champion connector, opportunity maker and scale innovator. Using her proprietary approach, Jackie shares proven techniques to scale your business and transform your sales results, regardless of market conditions. 

In this episode, Jackie talks with Michael Simmons, an Account Executive at Atris Technology, an IT and software development company. Prior to that, Michael cut his teeth in sales in the life insurance, hospitality, and building materials industries. Michael Simmons left a career in corrections to enter the world of sales as a life insurance agent in 2010. Although the transition from dealing with inmates to dealing with clients and prospects was a difficult one, Michael was able to find success. From there, Michael entered the hospitality industry, working several positions within the hotel industry and helping to gain the location he worked at the coveted 5 Star Rating. He then took a position at a prominent building supply manufacturer. Next, Michael transitioned into his current role. Despite not having any background in the IT industry, Michael has been able to quickly learn the ins and outs of cyber security, infrastructure management, and regulatory needs of his clients and prospects. Michael continues to onboard new managed IT service clients, and is working towards building an effective sales team for Atris.

Listen as Jackie and Michael discuss the importance of having great listening skills. This means listening to listen, not listening for your next turn to talk. This also ties to Michael’s thought on how sales are becoming more humanized. Long gone are the days of following scripts; the top sales leaders are fully present with their customers, and nimble in their interactions. Michael’s greatest challenge is working to keep the attention of his clients in a world that is so distracted. This is something we all can relate to. As a father of 4, who is soon obtaining his college degree, and is fueled by java, we know that Michael will make all of the right adjustments to continue to meet the needs of his clients, while gaining new ones.

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