In this episode, Jackie talks with Helen Terry, who founded NiaMoves Houston, a successful Nia fitness studio in Houston. She now co-owns Soma Ranch Retreat in Montgomery, Texas. Since 1993, Helen has been helping people love their bodies and lives through somatic practices, including Nia Technique. As one of the top international Nia trainers and teachers, Helen provides classes, special events and trainings both in person and online.

This episode of Sales Magic is food for the soul! Jackie and Helen are both sources of great inspiration who help people flourish in relationships and life. Helen’s wisdom highlights the spirit, heart, and mind connection that exists no matter your profession or calling. She describes how feeling like a misfit is now her superpower as she helps others to find their way, their ‘home,’ as she calls it. Helen shares her definition of magic and reminds us that our energy follows our attention. You must be fully aware of your focus and intention.

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